Technical Analysis Consultancy
by BC Low

Integrated  Technical  Analysis Foundation Course

Course Objectives

This course will provide participants with proved techniques in trend, timing and price, the basis for every trade. It will teach participants to link these three key elements so that technical analysis is learnt as an integrated whole. Participants will learn:

    (a) how to identify market trends;
    (b) how to establish price objectives;
    (c) timing tools to enter and exit positions;
    (d) price levels to buy and sell;
    (e) how to integrate trend, timing and price signals.


Participants will learn to use a variety of time-tested technical tools, and to take advantage of their unique strengths. The trainer will provide his original interpretations of the technical tools, the result of two decades of use.

For Whom

Traders, dealers and investors who wish to improve their command of technical analysis with an integrated approach.


2 full days


1. Introduction

2. Trend - A market’s trend is vague and elusive. Many tools are needed to ascertain what is the trend. 
        Price Levels : “Always relevant”
        Price Patterns : “A few that you cannot afford to miss”
        Candlestick Patterns : “There is a place for these”
        10/40 Exponential Moving Averages :  “Predicting the future”

3. Price - Indicators that provide clues on price levels which are key support/resistance levels.
       Bollinger Bands : “Once you know it, you cannot do without it”
       Fibonacci Objectives : “Surprisingly good. But how to use it effectively?”

4. Timing - Knowing the right indicator to time the move according to your trades.
        Stochastics : “Many know, not many appreciate”
        Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) : “It’s different”
        Coordinating Stochastics& MACD : “It pays to know this!”

5. Integration
        Price Levels : “Always relevant”
        Price Patterns : “A few that you cannot afford to miss”

Course Delivery

Delivered on 2 days, usually Saturday & Sunday.
9am to 5pm including lunch break, and two coffee breaks.
Extensive use of charts examples.
Review the techniques learnt with current charts after each topic.

Follow-up Session

3-hour evening session carried out about one month after 2-day course.
Participants use the session to clear doubts & reinforce the learning after using the technical indicators in actual markets following the 2-day course.
Free of charge!!

Course Fee

On request

Inhouse Programme

This course can also be delivered on an in-company basis for employees of a single company.

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