Technical Analysis Consultancy
by BC Low

Our Beliefs

  • Promoting Education in TA
    We believe in promoting education in technical analysis or TA – I have 20 years of pioneering education in TA in Singapore Polytechnic from 1991 to 2011.
  • Integrated Approach to TA
    We believe that there needs to be an integrated approach to practising TA; not. That means mastering the essential technical analysis and using them in an integrated manner.
  • Improving the Interpretation of Indicators
    In the practice of TA, we believe in improving in the interpretation of public domain indicators rather than using a Holy Grail approach and Black Box approach.
  • Commitment to Improvement & Innovations
    We are committed to constant improvements and innovations, striving to creating new technical tools to achieve better trading results.
  • Successful investment and trading is more than TA
    Successful investment and trading is more than TA. Money management, risk management and position management are all important skills to complement TA.


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