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by BC Low

Advance Technical Analysis Course On Integrated Time Frames


Half day Seminar on an Integrated Time Frames, an original technique by BC Low.

For Whom

Those who have completed ITA Foundation Course or who have some years experience using technical analysis.

Course Content

An original BC Low approach that systematically integrates markets through 2 or more time frames. The trainer will explain the importance of larger time frames, and the nexus between different time frames in financial markets.

BC Low’s  article on Integrated Time Frames was published in the September 2010 issue of the leading US technical analysis magazine, Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities. The article was entitled “Trading, Time Frames, Trends”. [more]


Participants get to understand how Daily/Weekly or Weekly/Monthly trends are driven, and how they converge or conflict.

Knowledge of Integrated Time Frames will greatly help investors/traders extend their time horizon in their trading and investment.

Trend, price and timing indicators learnt in the Integrated TA Foundation course will also be applied to larger time frames to allow traders to pick powerful signals not otherwise visible.

Armed with this technique, traders can read larger trends better they can be alerted to big and profitable trending moves in their favour, or alert them to sizeable moves against them.


1. Defining Trends & Time Frames

2. Important Time Frame relationships

3. Applying Time Frames to your advantage

4. Time Frames & Indicators

5. Making the Most of Time Frames

Course Delivery

 Half day seminar
Extensive use of charts examples.
Review the techniques learnt with current charts after each topic.

Course Fee

On request

Inhouse Programme

This course can also be delivered on an in-company basis for employees of a single company.

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