Technical Analysis Consultancy
by BC Low

1-on-1 Technical Analysis Course for High Net Worth Investors

For Whom

This one-on-one course is specially designed for investors and market professionals to learn technical analysis at a personalized pace, to suit your personal schedule, and tailored for your own market preference.


  2 to 2½ days depending on participant’s knowledge of technical analysis.
  The 2-day seminar could be 2 consecutive days, or 2 days not more than a week apart.
  A follow-up half-day review seminar is recommended one to two months after the initial 2-day seminar.


  Lectures accompanied by extensive case studies involving stocks, indices, currencies, commodities.
  Techniques learnt will be reviewed with current charts after each topic.


Participants will learn to use an original approach in technical analysis by BC Low which takes advantage of the strength of technical analysis. The trainer will share his time-tested applications of technical tools he applied in two decades of use.

Training Package

  Course folder of all teaching materials used.
  Complimentary copy of “Integrating Technical Analysis for the Investor”, best-selling ebook by BC Low
  Online consultation for 2 weeks after the course.

Scope (2½ day programme)

Course covers key elements of technical analysis of trend, timing and price; how to integrate these, and to use technical analysis for longer term investing.

Defining Trends and how trends change 
  10/40 Exponential Moving Averages - “Predicts” the future!
  Price Patterns - Important patterns that you cannot afford to miss.
  Candlestick Patterns – Selected patterns at the right place.
Critical tools to identifying price levels for entry and exit 
  Bollinger Bands - Once you know it, you cannot do without it.
  Fibonacci Objectives – How to apply it effectively?
Tools to time market entry and exit 
  Stochastics - The “Sprinter” in timing.
  Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) - The “Marathoner”.
  Combining both Stochastics & MACD - It pays to know how.
Integrating Trend, Timing & Price - An original BC Low concept **
“It’s amazing how they fit together!”
Investing in Medium & Long-term trends 
Another important original BC Low concept **

Course Fee

Upon request

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